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4th Grade Math

Welcome to 4th grade math!  Check this page often for helpful resources and information.


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2016-2017 Scope and Sequence

Here is our schedule of topics for the year.  Testing days will be fluent-reminders will be sent via Remind.
Place Value to One Billion, including decimals tenths and hundredths
Addition and Subtraction, including decimals
Multiplication, including 2 digit times 2 digit
Division, including long division with remainders
Pattern and Equations
Fractions, including equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions
Measurement, including conversions
Geometry, including lines, angles and 2 dimensional shapes
Financial Literacy
Data Analysis, including stem and leaf plots and dot plots

Multiplication Facts

If your student does not know their multiplication facts, they are already behind to start the year.  They need to know their facts for 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication, long division, fractions and more.  You can find multiplication flash cards at most stores, make your own using paper or index cards, or use the websites under the links section on this page.  Please work at home with your student to make sure they have mastered these facts!