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Madisonville Intermediate School

No Soda's Please - Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV)

The following food items may not be given to school students during the school day.

FMNV Restricted foods

  1. Soda Water- any carbonated beverage. No product shall be excluded from this definition because it contains discrete nutrients added to the food such as vitamins, minerals, and protein.
  2. Chewing gum- any flavored products from natural or synthetic gums and other ingredients that form an insoluble mass for chewing.

  3. From

    The following is taken from Appendix B of 7 CFR Part 210. Appendix B to Part 210--Categories of Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value

Throughout the school year the school has designated days where we are exempt from these guidelines; on these designated days additional snack items may be allowed.  Nutritious options will also be available. 
Soda Water/Cokes are not permitted in the cafeteria during lunch time. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.