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Madisonville Intermediate School

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Brittney Duke » 4th Grade Math

4th Grade Math

Welcome to 4th grade math!  Check this page often for helpful resources and information.

2021-2022 Scope and Sequence


Here is our list of topics for the year.  Testing days will be fluent-reminders will be sent via Remind.
(Remind code. @ed7994)
Place Value to one billion, including decimals tenths and hundredths
Addition and Subtraction, including decimals
Geometry, including lines, angles and 2 dimensional shapes
Multiplication, including 2 digit times 2 digit
Division, including long division with remainders
Patterns and Equations including input output tables
Fractions, including equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions
Measurement, including conversions, perimeter/area, and elapsed time
Data Analysis, including stem and leaf plots and dot plots
Financial Literacy, including fixed/variable expenses and profit