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Turn up the music in Mrs. Lee's music class!!
3rd and 4th grade will:
  •  perform small plays in class
  • learn about famous composers
  • listen to songs from different countries and cultures
  • play desk bells
  • learn music notes and symbols
  • learn about different musical instruments
  • sing and perform songs!
5th Grade will:
  •  learn to play the recorder
  • learn how to read music notes
  • learn about different musical instruments
  • prepare for 6th grade band! 
It is mandatory that each student learn to play.  Recorders are available for sale, through me, for $4.00 a piece. It is not mandatory that students buy a recorder, however, it will help students become more successful.
There will be a recorder concert in May for all of those students
who have learned all of their recorder songs.
We will have a Christmas musical in December!
Students may tryout for a part in the musical and everyone is welcome
to be apart of the choir.
We will have a talent show in May!
Students are welcome to start thinking about what they might want to try out to do!
Any child who wishes to tryout for the talent show, will have a chance to do so, however, not everyone will get a spot in the show.  I will only be able to place ten acts per grade level. Students will tryout in front of a panel of judges. From there it will be decided who will get to perform for the show. The talent show will be during school hours. It is lots of fun!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at:
 I am in class most of the day. It is hard to get to the phone.  I will be able to see and respond to an e-mail easier than getting to a phone or returning a phone call.
I love to correspond with the parents of my students!