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Reading Practice FUN and GAMES

Click here for fun with analogies!

Click here for more fun with analogies :)!

Click here for prefix and suffix fun!

Do you want more fun with prefix and suffixes?  Click here

Cause and effect thinking 

There are many ways that you can help your child improve his or her reading skills.  One of the best ways is to read to your child and to listen to him or her read.  Even if you don’t know the details of what your child is reading, you can still ask questions.  The following questions are questions we ask in the classroom when we are reading:

1) What is the genre of the story?

2) What do you predict the story will be about?

3) Who are the main characters?

4) What is the setting?

5) What is the main problem?

6) How do you predict the problem will be solved?

7) How did the characters change?

8) How was the problem solved? 

9) What is the message or theme of the story? 

10) How would you rewrite the ending of the story?